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Discussion in 'Power Tools' started by rbstern, Feb 19, 2020.

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    Bought this last summer, in anticipation of some masonry projects. The wife has decided she likes masonry projects, and the only challenge is mixing the morter. It's tough on aging shoulders.

    The machine was a pain in the neck to put together. Diagrams are too small, small parts identification is difficult. Assembly instructions are a bit vague at times. But, it does go together. Just could be better done.

    We gave this machine a workout, going through 7 60lb bags of mortar to do an interior accent wall, using manufactured stone.

    Mixing half a bag of mortar is this machine's forte. Works well. Once you get up to a full 60lb bag + water, the motor begins to struggle a bit. In fact, for the last bag, I was having to give the barrel a hand push. Not sure how much longer that motor will last. Doesn't come across as high quality. That's the weak spot on this machine.

    BUT, as a labor savor, the machine is worth every penny of the "less 20% coupon" price. If we do another big project, I'll try to get the existing motor to work, but I would have no problem replacing the motor with a slightly larger/better motor. The machine is that useful.

    Without a motor upgrade, this machine isn't any kind of lifetime tool. But the chasis and simple belt transmission work fine, as does the tilt mechanism for emptying the barrel. With a better motor, it should last a really long time.

    Overall grade: C+. Improved motor and better assembly instructions would move this to an A.


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