Removable Trailer Tongue Box/tongue Twist Fix

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    While researching these trailers, I read a few people complain about the tongue bars “twisting” when using a jack on the tongue. I also wanted to mount a trailer tongue box but make it “quick release” to keep the folding feature and keep the folded profile to a minimum.

    Enter “UniStrut” (or “SuperStrut” that some people may know it by). This is the channel strut used to hold electrical conduit in place (next time you are in Lowe’s or Home Depot, look up and you’ll see it holding all kinds of piping and conduit in place).

    I measured my tongue box (not a HF model, but this can work for those too), and laid in 1” from the front (to account for the folded outer aluminum edge) and about 1/2” in from the back. I left about 3 1/2” clearance between the front edge of the trailer and the back of the box (to let me reach the bolts that will hold the front stakes in).

    I cut two strips of unistrut and bolted them to the trailer tongue using stainless hardware.

    I took two nylon cone Strut nuts and screwed in a 1/4 x 20 stainless Phillips bolt in -from the underside- and secured them with additional nuts to make 4 sliding mount studs on the 2 tracks. I then just drilled 4 holes into the bottom of the aluminum tongue box and used wing nuts with lock washers to mount the box.

    Now I can quickly remove the tongue box and fold the trailer.

    I’ll attach pics if my iPad will allow to illustrate. This also seems to fix the “twist” of the tongue supports on the trailer by distributing that twisting force to both of the tongue struts.

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    Nice mod!
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    Love it

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